Analysis of Electron-Atom Collisions: Spin-Dependent Effects

  • Wilhelm Raith
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 181)


At low energies, particularly below 100 eV, the principal spin-dependent interaction is exchange between the free electron and the bound atomic electrons. Electron exchange is a quantum phenomenon for which no classical model exists. Exchange occurs regardless of spin direction. Its spin dependence is rooted in the Pauli principle: Two electrons with antiparallel spins are distinguishable (one can tell whether exchange took place), whereas with parallel spins they are indistinguishable (exchange can happen but its occurrence cannot be determined experimentally). In quantum theory distinguishable and indistinguishable processes are treated differently; in the latter case the amplitudes for “direct” and “exchange” scattering can interfere. This makes exchange spin dependent.


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