Changes in the Germinal Centre and Lymphocytic Corona after Peritoneal Inflammation

  • Howard W. Steer
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 237)


The inflammatory reaction following an intestinal anastomosis results in the migration of inflammatory cells from the peritoneal cavity to the parathymic lymph nodes (1). Changes occur in the plasma cells of the medullary cords of the parathymic lymph nodes (2) resulting in an initial signifcant decrease in IgA containing plasma cells at two days but a subsequent increase in IgG and IgM containing plasma cells. The increase in IgM containing plasma cells preceeded that of IgG.


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  • Howard W. Steer
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  1. 1.Department of SurgerySouthampton General HospitalSouthamptonEngland

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