Surface IgD Phenotype of Rat Germinal Centre Precursor Cells

  • R. H. Vonderheide
  • S. V. Hunt
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 237)


Germinal centre B cells in lymph nodes differ from most other lymph node B cells by their lack of surface IgD (1). The question arises whether germinal centre precursor cells (GCPC) are also slgD-negative or whether they express slgD but lose it as they initiate or otherwise contribute to GC formation. We investigated this question by employing the monoclonal antibody HIS22, which labels all B cells in rat lymph nodes except those in GCs (2). HIS22 and anti-kappa antibodies were detected in cell suspensions by separate fluorochromes so that germinal centre B cells (HIS22) kappa+) were distinguished from non-GC B cells (HIS22+ kappa+). Acute, non-irradiation chimeras were established by injecting B cells from TDL of one kappa allotype into host rats whose B cells expressed the opposite allotype. The relative tendency for donor cells to localise in GCs as opposed to non-GC B cell areas was measured by two-colour flow cytometry of lymph nodes sampled during a primary immune response. By using donor TDL depleted of slgD+ cells, the delta heavy chain surface phenotype of GCPC was investigated


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  • R. H. Vonderheide
    • 1
  • S. V. Hunt
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  1. 1.Sir William Dunn School of PathologyUniversity of OxfordEngland

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