Developments in Tissue Transplantation

  • Kelvin G. M. Brockbank
  • Robert T. McNally


Shortfalls in organ donation result in prolonged waiting periods for transplant recipients. Such shortfalls could be significantly reduced through the efforts of health professionals who attend to, and are involved with, brain dead patients. The purpose of this chapter is to present some current and future developments in the field of tissue transplantation, with the aim of clarifying the importance and potential of transplantable tissues. Since large organs such as heart, liver, and kidneys are the subjects of other chapters in this volume, this chapter is restricted to small, less complex tissues, such as heart valves, veins, and islets of Langerhans. The importance of these tissues is clarified when it is realized that approximately 400,000 transplantation procedures have been performed in 1987 (Table I).


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