Growth Hormone Secretion and Growth in Central Nervous System Irradiated Children

  • R. Rappaport
  • M. Fontoura
  • R. Brauner
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External cranial irradiation is currently used in various therapeutic protocols for malignant systemic and intracranial diseases. Some patients receive spinal irradiation in addition. These therapies have significantly improved the survival rate in a number of malignant systemic or cranial diseases. The impact of radiotherapy on growth and the mechanism of growth retardation observed in these patients has generated much interest. Earlier data, although demonstrating late effects on growth, have often been difficult to interpret. In fact, several factors may contribute to growth retardation, such as age at irradiation, doses delivered to the hypothalamic-pituitary region, chemotherapy and glucocorticoids, spinal irradiation and other endocrine abnormalities involving gonadotropin secretion or thyroid dysfunction. For practical purposes it is also important to analyze the data according to the diseases, each of which involves a different treatment protocol.


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