Risk Assessment and Comparisons

An Introduction
  • Richard Wilson
  • E. A. C. Crouch
Part of the Contemporary Issues in Risk Analysis book series (CIRA, volume 3)


Every day we take risks and avoid others. It starts as soon as we wake up. One of us lives in an old house that had old wiring. Each time he turned on the light, there was a small risk of electrocution. Every year about 200 people are electrocuted in the United States in accidents involving home wiring or appliances, representing a risk of death of about 10-6 per year, or 7 × 10-5 per lifetime. To reduce this risk, he got the wiring replaced. When we walk downstairs, we recall that 7000 people die each year in falls in U.S. homes. But most are over 65, so we pay little attention to this risk since both of us are younger than that.


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