Shell-Core Particles for Turbidimetric Immunoassays

  • William J. Litchfield


In 1980, we began to research and develop a number of homogeneous immunoassays for the Du Pont aca® discrete clinical analyzer. In doing so, we desired a technology that could provide rapid and accurate results, be easily automated on commercial equipment, and be sufficiently versatile to use with many different analytes of clinical importance. After evaluating a variety of immunoassay technologies, we selected latex agglutination which was measured turbidimetrically and which used novel shell-core particles synthesized by emulsion polymerization. These submicron particles contained cores of high refractive index polymers and were optimized in their size distribution to give maximal signal upon agglutination. They were coated with thin chemically reactive shells that could covalently bind antigens or antibodies and that were necessary for long term stability.


Human Serum Albumin Emulsion Polymerization Core Particle Glycidyl Methacrylate Coated Particle 
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