Saturable Drug Uptake by the Liver : Models, Experiments and Methodology

  • Ludvik Bass
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Observations pertaining to physiological and biochemical dynamics in vivo have to be interpreted in terms of biochemical kinetics transposed from the familiar homogeneous (test—tube) phase into the appropriate physiological setting. As a result of this transposition, anatomical structures, capillary and cellular permeabilities, diffusion coefficients, local metabolic rates, flow rates, transit times etc. enter (explicitly or implicitly) into any interpretation of data. Modelling is then threatened from one side by losing the biology in oversimplifications, and from the opposite side by so complicating the models for the sake of realism that a multitude of adjustable parameters can get no grip on real data which are limited in number and accuracy. A fruitful middle way cannot be found in this subject without careful study of experimental data and designs.


Input Concentration Saturation Kinetic Output Concentration Intact Liver Initial Tangent 
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