Asymmetric Polysulfone Hollow Fiber Membranes for Gas Separations

  • A. K. Fritzsche


Loeb and Sourirajan invented the first integrally-skinned membrane in 1960 for desalination by phase inversion of cellulose acetate sols (1). In the integrally-skinned membrane, the skin and substructure are composed of the same material. The skin layer determines both the permeability and selectivity of the bilayer, whereas the porous substructure functions primarily as a physical support for the skin. Differences in structure between the two layers are the result of interfacial forces and the fact that solvent loss occurs more rapidly from the air-solution and solution-nonsolvent interfaces than from the solution interior (2).


Separation Factor Oxygen Plasma Hollow Fiber Membrane Permeation Rate Etch Time 
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