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  • Mary L. Fennell
  • Richard B. Warnecke
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Our basic approach for tracing the development of the seven head and neck cancer networks involved placing the networks within a historical context. The fact that the seven networks (each funded for five or six years prior to the award of our contract) were about to be terminated as we began our study limited the observation of the network programs to a retrospective view. Our research problem suggested two methodologies simultaneously: (1) a descriptive historical case study of each network, and (2) a comparative analysis of the networks. Through the first analysis, the foci for the latter analysis emerged. The latter analysis, in turn, confirmed the conclusions reached through the first. Since the comparative analysis presented in this report is based on case studies, the methods followed to compile those studies need to be described. These case studies are available upon request; however, thumbnail sketches of each network based on these comprehensive case studies are included in this chapter.


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