Macroscopic and Microscopic Perspectives of Termolecular Association of Atomic Reactants in a Gas

  • M. Raymond Flannery
Part of the Physics of Atoms and Molecules book series (PAMO)


The sequence normally invoked to explain the termolecular association process
$$\text{A}\,\text{+}\,\text{B}\,\text{+}\,\text{M}\,\to \,\text{AB}\,\text{+}\,\text{M}$$
where the associating pair (A-B) may be a positive ion-negative ion or a positive ion-neutral pair, is the energy-transfer sequence characterized in macroscopic terms as wherein intermediate complexes AB* formed with internal separations R≤RT at rate k1 (cm3 s−1) can decompose naturally at frequency k−1 (s−1) or can be stabilized at rate ks (cm3 s−1) via energy-changing collisions with the atomic or molecular species M of a thermal gas. The inverse of this sequence is known as the Lindemann mechanism (cf. Forst 1973) for collisional dissociation.


Dissociation Limit Stabilization Probability Centrifugal Barrier Diffusional Drift Dissociation Threshold 
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