Studies of the Periovulatory Interval in the In Vitro Perfused Ovary

  • Edward E. Wallach
  • Susan J. Atlas
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 219)


The periovulatory interval refers to that period bracketed by the gonadotropin surge and the development of an effective corpus luteum (Fig. 1). Events taking place within its limits include: growth of the preovulatory follicle and its contents, meiotic maturation and cytoplasmic changes in the oocyte necessary for fertilization and early embryonic development, ovulation (follicle wall disruption), and transformation of the ruptured follicle into a corpus luteum. To maximize the probability of conception, ovulation must be synchronized with oocyte meiotic and cytoplasmic maturation and the postovulatory follicle must then undergo rapid transformation to a corpus luteum. An effective corpus luteum produces sufficient progesterone to ensure the implantation of a conceptus and maintenance of a pregnancy. The maturational status of the oocyte and its embryonic potential, as well as establishment and ultimate function of the corpus luteum, are dependent upon the quality of antecedent follicular development. Local events within the ovary during the periovulatory interval influence: (1) the occurrence and timing of follicle wall disruption; (2) the maturational status of the oocyte and its embryonic potential; and (3) the establishment of an effective corpus luteum.


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