Study Design for Fisheries and Hydrology Assessment in a Glacial Watershed in British Columbia

  • H. A. Smith
  • S. P. Blachut
  • B. Bengeyfield


Most instream flow assessment studies have been carried out on stable, single channel streams. Methodologies such as the incremental method or IFIM (Bovee 1982) are not designed for the unstable, shifting channels of a multi-channel system. This type of channel is characteristic of glacier-fed streams and although the distribution of such streams is geographically limited, they are numerically abundant. Major fisheries-hydrology studies which have addressed these problems include the Ohau River (Mosley 1982) and the Rakaia River (Glova & Duncan 1985) New Zealand, the Stikine River, British Columbia (Aquatic Environments Ltd. 1982; Jones & Associates 1984), the Maurice River, British Columbia (Envirocon 1984) and most notably, the Susitna River, Alaska (Alaska University 1983).


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  • S. P. Blachut
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  • B. Bengeyfield
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  2. 2.Department of Fisheries & OceansHabitat Management DivisionVancouverCanada
  3. 3.Global Fisheries Consultants Ltd.SurreyCanada

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