Summary of F. De Martini’s Paper, Testing of Particle Distinguishability with Laser Interference Experiments

  • William M. Honig
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 162)


F. De Martini’s contribution was a description of the first results from his laboratory of the experiments in the title. He set up a laser interferometer by splitting the laser beam into two arms which were then recombined; a photon counter was placed so as to count photons in the recombined beam. One of the interferometer arms had a transparent, but translucent plastic disc placed in it, through which the light in that arm passed. Photon counting was then carried on when the original unsplit beam was attenuated throughout a range of intensities. The final photon counter readings varied from more than several thousand photons per second to the lowest levels of less than ten photons per second. Each of these readings was taken with the plastic disc stationary, and each such reading was considered as the standard or reference level for the particular setting of attenuation of the unsplit beam.


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