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  • Wolfram Saenger
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After almost two weeks of constant assimilation of science either in the form of 19 lectures, of 18 research seminars, of 48 posters, and of 3 vivid round table discussions, or in discussions after lectures, during meals, and in the free afternoons, I try to write a summary to draw conclusions referring to the lectures which we have heard during the school on “DNA-Ligand Interactions: From Drugs to Proteins”. I also include my view of some research seminars which were of particular interest in connection with the lectures. The reader should be aware that these are my personal impressions resulting from recollections and from the notes I took during the lectures and seminars, and that somebody else would have and will have another view of the scientific contents which were presented. In the following I shall order my thoughts in three categories of increasing complexity: DNA structure and small ligands, DNA-drug interaction, DNA-protein interaction.


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