Visualization of IGF-2 Receptors in Rat Brain

  • Laurane G. Mendelsohn


The notion that trophic factors are present in the brain and serve to maintain neurons, promote target tissue innervation, and stimulate synaptogenesis has been a well-accepted theory for some time. The transport of trophic factors to neuronal endings has been a favorite explanation for the axonal flow of materials in neurons which was first discovered by Weiss in 1948. More recently, reports of trophic effects of NGF on lesioned CNS neurons and evidence suggesting that insulin and the somatomedins are present in the CNS encouraged us to explore the localization of their receptors. In the experiments described here, we used iodinated human insulin-like growth factor-2 and autoradiography to visualize the receptors for this peptide in rat brain.


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  • Laurane G. Mendelsohn
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