Biotechnology and the 21st Century
  • Joan Offerman-Zuckerberg


As we concluded working on this volume, history was in the making; literally, “new conceptions” were emerging. The future is here. Themes that recurred throughout this collection of papers included: (1) the inescapable physicality of female core-gender development; (2) the permeable, diffuse body—self boundary delinations between mothers and daughters; (3) the ongoing task that women engage of attaching, identifying, and merging with mother, then child, and the necessity to separate, differentiate, and individuate from mother, then child; (4) the ongoing scenarios: separation brings loss; loss brings mourning for lost youth, lost symbiosis, lost fecundity; and mourning facilitates greater ego strength, creative development, emotional maturity, and empathy; (5) as women, we are given many opportunities to work through and grow, in emotional depth and empathic differentiation. Required is the acceptance to take this journey through these normally occurring psychophysical passages. Now, in 1988, core issues remain the same but the psychic territory is changing—there are new challenges, new questions, a both brave and tentative new world.


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