Pancreatic and Snake Venom Phospholipases A2

  • Moseley Waite
Part of the Handbook of Lipid Research book series (HLRE, volume 5)


Chapters 6–8 covered the mammalian phospholipases that are cellular for the most part. This chapter and the following chapters also include some mammalian phospholipases A2; however, these are extracellular and originate from the pancreas of different species. Since the pancreatic phospholipases are of a general class of phospholipases A2 that are closely related to the enzymes from venoms, they are covered together. There is reason to believe that some cellular phospholipases A2 might have properties in common with the extracellular digestive phospholipases A2. As pointed out in Chapter 7, however, insufficient information is available at this time to speculate further on this point.


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