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Vacuolar and Cytosolic Metabolite Pools by Comparative Fractionation of Vacuolate and Evacuolate Protoplasts

  • Manfred Steingraber
  • Rüdiger Hampp
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 134)


Knowledge about the distribution of metabolites between subcellular compartments is important for the understanding of regulatory events. Orthophosphate (Pi), e.g., is involved in most biochemical processes of energy transduction within the cell, thereby affecting important metabolic routes such as respiration, glycolysis or photosynthesis. Especially partioning of photosynthetically fixed CO2 between starch and sucrose appears to be regulated by the stromal and cytosolic pool sizes of Pi.


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  • Manfred Steingraber
    • 1
  • Rüdiger Hampp
    • 1
  1. 1.Lehrstuhl Biologie IUniversität TubingenTübingen 1Federal Republic of Germany

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