Cell Polarity in the Preimplantation Mouse Embryo

  • Carol A. Ziomek


The union of two highly polarized cells, the sperm and the egg, initiates a series of dramatic cellular transformations that culminate, during the first 4 days of mouse preimplantation development, in the production of a multicellular blastocyst (reviewed by Wiley, Chapter 4) having two distinct and committed tissues. The outer layer of transporting epithelial cells, which surround and generate the blastocoelic cavity, are the trophectodermal cells that will give rise to extraembryonic structures. Attached to the interior of the trophectodermal layer at one end of the blastocoelic cavity is a cluster of relatively undifferentiated cells, the inner cell mass, that will subsequently give rise to the embryo proper. Attempts to elucidate the mechanisms by which these two distinct cell types diverge from a common pathway during the first 3 days of preimplantation development have yielded not only clues as to possible differentiative signals operating in development, but also detailed structural information on the morphology and properties of cells from the early embryo. One such piece of structural information gained from these studies is that many embryonic cells are architecturally polarized both at their cell surface and in their cytoplasmic domain; these cell asymmetries may play important roles in embryonic development.


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