The Role of Cytosolic Calcium in Insulin Secretion from a Hamster Beta Cell Line

  • A. E. BoydIII
  • R. S. Hill
  • T. Y. Nelson
  • J. M. Oberwetter
  • M. Berg
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 211)


Determining the molecular mechanisms of insulin secretion requires detailed biochemical understanding of: a) the specific unique effects of each individual secretagogue at the beta cell membrane, b) the intracellular events by which each signal is mediated (second messengers) and c) the modes and sites of action of second messengers within the cytoskeletal system and the membrane-associated exocytotic process.


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  • R. S. Hill
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  • T. Y. Nelson
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  • J. M. Oberwetter
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  • M. Berg
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  1. 1.Departments of Medicine and Cell BiologyBaylor College of MedicineHoustonUSA

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