Organization of Enzymes in the Tryptophan Pathway

  • John A. DeMoss
Conference paper
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 127)


The reactions which constitute the pathway for tryptophan biosynthesis exhibit an unusual degree of organizational diversity throughout the biological world. The component reactions of this pathway, including those involved in general aromatic biosynthesis, are organized in different patterns of multifunctional complexes; and this diversity is reflected in specific patterns of gene-enzyme relationships. Some of the first reported examples of multifunctional proteins and channelling of intermediates between active sites in multifunctional proteins were uncovered by the extensive biochemical and genetic studies of this pathway. To illustrate the organization of active sites in multifunctional protein complexes, I will review several well-defined examples from this pathway. In this review my emphasis will be on the current status of our understanding of the structure of multifunctional enzymes and the possible functional role of enzyme organization within this pathway.


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