Large-Scale Computations on a Scalar, Vector and Parallel “Supercomputer”

  • Enrico Clementi
  • J. Detrich
  • Steven Chin
  • G. Corongiu
  • D. Folsom
  • D. Logan
  • R. Caltabiano
  • A. Carnevali
  • J. Helin
  • M. Russo
  • A. Gnudi
  • P. Palamidese


We discuss two experimental parallel computer systems 1CAP-1 and 1CAP-2 which can be applied to the entire spectrum of scientific and engineering applications. These systems achieve “supercomputer” levels of performance by spreading large scale computations across multiple cooperating processors — several with vector capabilities. We outline system hardware and software, and discuss our programming strategy for migrating codes from a conventional sequential system to parallel. The performance of a variety of applications programs is analyzed to demonstrate the merits of this approach. Finally, we discuss 1CAP-3 an extension to this computing system, which has been recently assembled.


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  • J. Detrich
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  • Steven Chin
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  • G. Corongiu
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  • D. Folsom
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  • D. Logan
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  • R. Caltabiano
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  • A. Carnevali
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  • J. Helin
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  • M. Russo
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  • A. Gnudi
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  • P. Palamidese
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