Tutorial Lecture — Radiative and Collisional Processes in Plasmas

  • H. R. Griem
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIB, volume 149)


Plasmas of moderate temperatures, say less than 105 K (~ 9 eV), and particle densities, say less than 1019 cm-3, occur in a fair number of devices. They are therefore of considerable interest, notwithstanding the fact that higher temperature plasmas have attracted more attention because of their importance for magnetically confined fusion plasmas. As a matter of fact, plasma conditions as desired for inertially confined fusion plasmas seem even more interesting because of their much higher densities and the importance of electromagnetic radiation for their behavior and diagnostics.


Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium Dielectronic Recombination Population Balance Equation Collisional Excitation Collisional Rate 
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