Gas Discharge Laser Diagnostics Update

  • A. Garscadden
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIB, volume 149)


The investigation of gas discharges dates back to the time of Faraday and other notables of the nineteenth century. Many of the studies were very ambitious in that quite complex gases and complicated geometries were used. Naturally, these early results were qualitative. Later, as vacuum techniques improved, the beautiful results of the Cavendish Laboratory led to many of the most fundamental advances in atomic physics. Electrical discharge studies gradually became refined and the importance of gas purity to achieve reproducible results was recognized. Hence, many discharge experiments were performed using the rare gases, the simpler diatomic gases and some metal vapors. Thus it seems that Irving Langmuir’s favorite discharge was that in mercury vapor because of its compatibility with mercury diffusion pumps. After 1940 the interest in discharges in gas mixtures and in complex molecular gases declined because it was difficult to make quantitative analyses or even to obtain reproducible results. At that time film depositions and sputtering were generally considered nuisances.


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