Plasmas Sustained by Surface Waves at Radio and Microwave Frequencies: Basic Processes and Modeling

  • C. M. Ferreira
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIB, volume 149)


The propagation of surface waves (SW) along plasma columns has long been a subject of wide interest motivating numerous investigations (for a recent review of the subject see, e.g., Moisan et al., 1982a). In fact, surface waves can be involved in such fundamental problems as plasma heating by electromagnetic fields, absorption of laser power by dense plasmas, and nonlinear interactions such as parametric instabilities. Furthermore, surface waves can be used as a diagnostic tool for low-temperature plasmas, e.g. to determine the electron density, collision frequency, and drift velocity in a positive column (Trivelpiece and Gould, 1959; Carlile, 1964; Akao and Ida, 1963, 1964). There exist as well some promising applications of surface waves in the field of microwave devices employing plasmas (Clarricoats et al., 1966; Aronov et al., 1976; Burykin et al., 1975).


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