Plasmas Sustained by Surface Waves at Microwave and RF Frequencies: Experimental Investigation and Applications

  • M. Moisan
  • Z. Zakrzewski
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIB, volume 149)


The search for plasma sources that have the necessary requirements for given applications has a history as long as that of plasma physics. From the beginning, interesting plasma applications have been proposed but often their practical realization has been limited by the lack of adequate plasma sources, sources that would, for example, yield quiescent, reproducible, stable, low contamination plasmas and that would be simple to build, easy to operate, and inexpensive (Crawford, 1971). Some additional features that may be desired are a high electron density or a high ionization degree, a large plasma volume, the possibility of operating at a relatively low gas pressure (≃10-5 torr) or at many times the atmospheric pressures, the possibility of using corrosive gases, etc. Though it is far from meeting all these specifications, the most widely used gas discharge is still that obtained in a dc or ac (≃ 60 Hz) electric field, using electrodes within the plasma tube. This observed preference is explained by the fact that the high-frequency-produced plasmas available up to now are not that flexible, are often more costly, and their modeling is far from complete.


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    • 1
  • Z. Zakrzewski
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  1. 1.Department de PhysiqueUniversite de MontrealMontrealCanada

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