Errors in DNA Helices: G.T Mismatches in the A, B and Z Forms of DNA

  • Dov Rabinovich
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 126)


DNA replication is perhaps the most specific of all enzymic processes. Genetic experiments in DNA replication of E. Coli indicate an error range of one mistake in 10 million to 100 billion nucleotide polymerized. This remarkable fidelity is essential in order to preserve the genetic identtity of organisms. Yet, a few errors must be permitted for species evolution and adaptation to changing environments. Mutagenesis appears also to be important in determining the life cycle of individual organisms, as it is central to many pathological processes.


Enol Tautomer Wobble Pair Deoxyribose Moiety Mispaired Base Pair Geometry 
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