Plant Elongases

  • Claude Cassagne
  • René Lessire
  • Jean-Jacques Bessoule
  • Patrick Moreau


In the early sixties, several investigators demonstrated the elongation of liver microsomal fatty acids in the presence of malonyl-CoA, ATP and reducing equivalents in the form of NADPH and/or NADH (see for example, Lorch et al., 1963). Furthermore, elongation was shown to occur in the absence of ATP, provided that a fatty acyl-CoA was added to the reaction mixture (Nugteren, 1965). The general mechanism of microsomal fatty acid elongation was supposed to be similar to that of de novo synthesis: condensation of the preferred substrate to form a beta-ketone, reduction of the beta-ketone to a secondary alcohol, dehydration of the alcohol to form a trans-alpha-beta-double-bond and reduction of the double-bond. Besides this microsomal elongation, also observed in Brain (Bourre, 1980), a mitochondrial elongation has also been demonstrated (Wakil, 1961).


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  • Claude Cassagne
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  • René Lessire
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  • Jean-Jacques Bessoule
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  • Patrick Moreau
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