Chlorella Algal Viruses

  • James L. Van Etten
  • Yuannan Xia
  • Kenneth E. Narva
  • Russel H. Meints
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Eukaryotic algae play a significant role in aquatic environments, both as primary producers and as potential pollutants. Some algae such as Chlamydomonas spp. and Chlorella spp. have also served as model systems for studying such diverse subjects as photosynthesis, cell cycle regulation, cell motility, and non-Mendelian (chloroplast) inheritance, Eukaryotic algae are also potential food sources for animals and humans (15). However, except for a few ultrastructural reports indicating that some isolates of eukaryotic algae contain virus-like particles (VLPs), almost no information exists on viruses in this important plant group (for reviews, see Ref. 5, 6, 9, 16, and 21).


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  • Yuannan Xia
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  • Kenneth E. Narva
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