Delivery of Abortion Care in Western Europe

  • Evert Ketting


In 1981 Stimezo Nederland* was asked by the German Ministry of Youth, Family, and Health to conduct a survey in which the actual working of abortion laws in Western Europe and the United States were to be evaluated. The question was whether these different laws produced differences in practice and whether such differences corresponded to the major aims of those laws. The background to this question was a notion that the new German abortion law, which was adopted in 1976, did not produce the intended effects. We undertook an extensive survey in which the abortion laws and practices of ten countries were studied comparatively. These countries were West Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and the USA. After the survey was completed it turned out that the ministry, which by that time had changed from socialist to conservative, was not prepared to release the results. One and a half years later, and only after strong pressure from the media and the opposition parties, was permission for publication finally given. (Ketting and van Praag, 1985).


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  1. Ketting, E., van Praag, P. Schwangerschaftsabbruch, Gesetz und Praxis im internationalen Vergleich. DGVT-Verlag, Tubingen, 1985.Google Scholar

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