The Karman Syringe in Family Practice: Techniques, Safety, and Usage

  • Kotha Pannikar


I am a Family Physician who provides total health care in addition to abortion services, and was introduced to the Karman Syringe by the late Professor I. S. Puvan, a Tietze disciple, in August 1974. These two great physicians had a vision of making termination of pregnancy available to all women who needed it, not just those who could afford it. To this end, the procedure had to be safe, effective, inexpensive, easily available, and acceptable to women of various cultures and socioeconomic groups. Menstrual regulation (MR) in family practice is the appropriate solution. Let us look at the types of Karman syringes available. The first one did not have a pinch valve; the second one had a rubber bung and a valve which works quite well, but when the rubber bung deteriorates and swells when creating the vacuum, it slips off the plunger with a loud noise. Next came the syringe with a nitrile ring which is excellent for use with first trimester procedures. The fourth generation syringe has a double valve and adaptors for larger cannulae which can be used for late first and early second trimester procedures.


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