Inhibition of HTLV-III Replication in Cell Cultures

  • P. S. Sarin
  • D. Sun
  • A. Thornton
  • Y. Taguchi
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A human T-lymphotropic retrovirus (HTLV-III) has been identified as the etiological agent for acquired immune deficieny syndrome (AIDS) and AIDS related complex (ARC) (1–4). Various therapeutic approaches are currently being investigated to control the disease either with inhibitors of reverse transcriptase and virus replication or with a vaccine. HTLV-III is a cytopathic retrovirus which selectively infects T-helper cells and kills OKT4+ T helper cells resulting in immune suppression (1–5). HTLV-III contains an RNA directed DNA polymerase (reverse transcriptase) and buds from the cell membrane like other animal retroviruses (6,7). The replication of virus in the infected cells and further infection of uninfected cells with the newly produced virus can be interfered by chemotherapeutic agents that can attack the various steps in the replication cycle (Fig. 1) including virus attachment, reverse transcription, and DNA integration.


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  • A. Thornton
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