Excited and Ionized States of Polymers

  • János J. Ladik


It is well known that in the HF theory of a closed-shell atom or of a finite molecule, the singlet excitation energy from a filled level i to an unfilled level a is given by the expression
$$^1\Delta {E_{i \to a}} = \varepsilon _a^{HF} - \varepsilon _i^{HF} - {J_{ia}} + 2{K_{ia}}$$
where ε a HF and ε i HF are, respectively, the corresponding HF one-electron energies while J ia and K ia denote the Coulomb and exchange integrals between orbitals ψ i and ψ a respectively. It can easily be shown that if we have a very long chain, J ia and K ia tend to zero (see, e.g., Ladik(1)) as the number of unit cells, N, approaches infinity:
$$\underset{N\to \infty }{\mathop{\lim }}\, {{J}_{ia}}=\underset{N\to \infty }{\mathop{\lim }}\, {{K}_{ia}}=\underset{N\to \infty }{\mathop{\lim }}\, \frac{\ln N}{N}\to 0$$
In this way we are left with too large an excitation energy, because equation (8.1) for an infinite system reduces to the HF gap (which is too large anyway).


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