Semiempirical Band-Structure Calculations

  • János J. Ladik


Different semiempirical crystal-orbital (CO) methods have been used to calculate the energy-band structures of one-dimensional periodic chains with larger unit cells (such as periodic DNA or protein models, TCNQ and TTF stacks) or of two-dimensional periodic protein models. The π-electron structure of the different periodic DNA stacks and of the H-N-C = O...H-N-C = O... chain in polypeptides has been calculated with the aid of the Pariser-Parr-Pople (PPP) CO method for one-dimensional systems, while for the sugar-phosphate chain of DNA [poly(SP)], for the homopolynucleotides, and for the one-dimensional polypeptide and polyglycine chains, the CNDO/2 and MINDO/2 methods for one-dimensional systems have been applied. Finally, in the case of the two-dimensional polyformamide and polyglycine systems the two-dimensional versions of the all-valence-electron CO methods discussed earlier have been used. Here we shall show in detail how to obtain expressions pertaining to the PPP CO method for linear chains starting from the corresponding ab initio equations. In the case of the other semiempirical CO methods only the final expressions will be given.


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