Polymers play an important role as plastics. Biopolymers, like nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), proteins, polysaccharides, lipids, and so on, have fundamental significance in life processes. In the last decade highly conducting polymers like doped polyacetylene, (SN) x , or the TCNQ-TTF system, with quasi-one-dimensional alternating stacks of the two different types of molecule embedded in a three-dimensional molecular crystal, have become objects of extensive experimental investigations because they are candidates for the discovery of new physical phenomena. Various attempts have also been made at technological application (such as batteries). To understand the different physical and chemical properties of polymers, which in the case of biopolymers also determine their biological functions, one has to have a fair knowledge of their electronic structure.


Wannier Function Coherent Potential Approximation Large Unit Cell Interaction Matrix Element Periodic Chain 
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