Again about an Old Stuff: The Aharonov- Bohm “Effect”

  • A. Loinger
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The following quotations have been selected from writings of theoretical physicists, which have been published in the Proceedings of the International Symposium on Foundations of Quantum Mechanics in the Light of New Technology (Physical Society of Japan — Tokyo, 1983). They are beautiful examples of idées fixes, deriving from ignorance of fundamental concepts of quantum theory.


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    One could object that if the initial wave-packet is spatially restricted to a small domain, the anomaly φ must be correspondingly restricted, say, between zero and some small value ε. This objection is not physically relevant, because — owing to a well-known basic property of Schrodinger equation — after an arbitrarily small time interval, the wave-packet is diffused in the whole space. (The discontinuity of φ at 2 π does not destroy the rotational symmetry of the problem, since the position of the polar axis is, of course, arbitrary).Google Scholar
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