Field Measurements of Gas Exchange

  • Wolfgang Roether
Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 17)


A transfer coefficient is required to convert a measured ocean—atmosphere gas solubility disequilibrium into a net interfacial gas flux density. For many gases, the transfer between the interface and the bulk liquid (transfer coefficient kw) is rate controlling, whereas for other gases, notably reactive ones, a more complex situation has to be dealt with. The available oceanic field data for kw are presented. The value of kw increases considerably with wind velocity, and a total variation over more than one order of magnitude is probable. However, little field information exists for wind velocities lower than 5 m s−1 and, in particular, higher than about 10 m s−1. Available field methods to measure kw are described and their potential to fill the gaps in present knowledge is assessed.


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