Lipolytic Activities Operative at the Outer Surface of Rat Fat Cells

  • Alain Vérine
  • Paul Salers
  • Jean Boyer
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Isolated fat cells in suspension are able to hydrolyze emulsified neutral lipids added to the extracellular medium. Hydrolysis has been shown to occur with fatty monoesters1 as well as with triester2 used as the substrates. During hydrolysis, the lipolytic enzymes are bound to the outer surface of the cell membrane and are not released in significant amounts into the medium. Fat cells take up a substantial proportion of the fatty acid released, which is re-esterified in cell lipids, mainly as acylglycerol. Under similar conditions, liver3 and heart4 cells, as well as erythrocytes5,6, hydrolyze lipids but incorporate minimal amounts of fatty acid. This in vitro isolated fat cell system might constitute a useful model, inasmuch as it allows the simultaneous estimation of both hydrolysis and incorporation of lipids within fat cells. The membrane-bound lipase activities are likely to represent the functional fractions of the enzymes2,7.


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  • Alain Vérine
    • 1
  • Paul Salers
    • 1
  • Jean Boyer
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  1. 1.Faculté de MédecineINSERM U.260Marseille Cédex 5France

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