Dissociation between the Hypotensive Effect of Thiazides and Plasma Divalent Cations

  • Daniel C. Batlle
  • Wu-Chang Yang
  • Alisa Von Riotte
  • Salim K. Mujais
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Alterations in divalent cation metabolism are increasingly being sought in experimental and human hypertension (1–11). The finding of a low ionizable plasma calcium in some hypertensive patients (2, 4) has lead to the exploration of the effect of calcium intake on the level of arterial blood pressure (6–11). This has been done by either dietary survey of large populations groups or by dietary supplementation in both experimental and human hypertension (6–12). Derangements of extracellular ionizable calcium and magnesium concentrations in hypertensive patients have been related to the renin profile (4). Ionizable serum calcium levels were found to be lower in patients with low renin hypertension and higher in patients with high renin hypertension than in those with normal renin hypertension (4).


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  • Wu-Chang Yang
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  • Alisa Von Riotte
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  • Salim K. Mujais
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