Influence of Experimental Hydrocephalus on Cerebral Vascularization

  • Christian Plets
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Obstructive hydrocephalus has been produced in dogs by intracisternal injection of kaolin. Kaolin provokes inflammation and fibrosis of the leptomeninges preventing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid from the ventricular system to the subarachnoid space. Morphologically this type of hydrocephalus is mainly characterized by increasing ventricular dilatation together with atrophy of the periventricular white matter. However, the volume of basal ganglia and cortex remains preserved. The objective of our study was to investigate the influence of hydrocephalus on the cerebral blood supply, the reversibility of the angioarchitectonic changes and the possible role of the affected cerebral vessels in the mechanism of ventricular dilatation. To understand the transformation of the cerebral vascular network it was required to record a number of physical parameters, such as CSF pressure, intracranial compliance, and the outflow-resistance of the CSF resorptive system.


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  1. 1.Laboratory of Experimental NeurosurgeryCatholic University of Louvain (KUL)Belgium

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