Scattering and Absorption of Photons by Nuclei and Nucleons

  • B. Ziegler
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 142)


Photon scattering cross sections are determined by counting the number of photons scattered into a certain solid angle dΩ. at a given scattering angle Θ. The scattering objects must possess electric charges or magnetic moments or both. The objects under investigation can in principle be anything: a small droplet1, an atom, a nucleus or a nucleon. Here, we shall confine ourselves to elastic coherent scattering from nuclei and nucleons in energy ranges that are adequate to reveal the particles’ internal structure. Since the physical phenomena involved are similar for nucleons and nuclei, and most experiments and theories deal with the case of nuclei, the formalism will be described for nuclei. An attempt will be made to apply the results for the case of nucleons.


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