Endocytosis and Lysosomes: Recent Progress in Intracellular Traffic

  • J. B. Lloyd
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The cell membrane is a formidable barrier to macromolecules, and one that is circumvented only by the phenomenon of endocytosis. Even then the endocytosed material is segregated in a membrane-bounded vesicle and does not have access to the general cytoplasm. Its ability to influence intracellular events depends on the routing of the vesicle (to the lysosome or elsewhere), the effects of the intravesicular and intralysosomal environments, and the permeability properties of the vesicle and lysosome membranes. My remit is to review the current understanding of this area of cell biology, which is pivotal for attempts to target drugs with synthetic systems. Because of the focus of this symposium, I omit consideration of some related issues, such as the biogenesis of lysosomal enzymes (but see references 1 and 2 for reviews). The area remaining is however both extensive and active and, to avoid an unwieldy bibliography, I cite review articles where available plus some selected recent primary research papers.


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