Electromagnetic Interactions in Nuclei, Pion Number and the EMC Effect

  • M. Ericson
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 139)


My lectures concern the problem of the pionic structure of nucleons imbedded in the nuclear medium. In a nucleus, nucleons are relatively tightly packed: the internucleon distance is about 2 fm, while the pion cloud has a range of a pion Compton wavelength, i.e. 1/mπ = 1.4 fm. There is thus a sizeablelloverlap of the pion clouds in the nucleus and it is a longstanding idea1) that there should be an appreciable distortion of the clouds. The following presentation of this subject will be strongly focussed on the link and application to the EMC effect. You have been given a detailed account of this effect by F. Close who presented the particle physicist viewpoint. I will give that of a low energy nuclear physicist and my hope is to convince you that there is enough in nuclear physics to account for the deviation of the additivity of the nuclear structure function in the nucleus, which has been observed and is the content of the EMC effect.


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