The Effects of Age, Otological Factors and Occupational Noise Exposure on Hearing Threshold Levels of Various Populations

  • Willy Passchier-Vermeer
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 111)


In this paper an analysis is presented of two investigations conducted in the Netherlands. One study concerns the effect of age on hearing threshold levels of populations not exposed to noise during working hours. The second investigation deals with the effect of occupational noise exposure on hearing threshold levels. There were about 500 test subjects in the first investigation and 2300 industrial workers in the second one. An analysis of the effects of otological factors on hearing threshold levels, based on both investigations, is given as well.


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  • Willy Passchier-Vermeer
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  1. 1.TNO Institute of Preventive Health CareAl LeidenThe Netherlands

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