Disorders of Lipid Metabolism

  • David A. Wenger


Most disorders in the metabolism of lipids are the result of defects in enzymes or activator proteins located in lysosomes or peroxisomes. Mutations leading to changes in plasma lipoproteins or lipoprotein receptors can result in changes in the concentration of certain lipids in the blood and tissues. The defects involved in a number of lysosomal storage diseases were discovered in the 1960s, and these initial studies have led to reliable methods for patient and carrier identification and for prenatal diagnosis in at-risk pregnancies. In recent years a large number of clinical variants, patients not fitting the typical phenotype, have been described. This incidates that direct correlation between a measured enzymatic defect and a specific prognosis is not yet possible. The development of technologies to visualize the gene products directly (by the use of specific antibodies to the protein in question) and the genes themselves (by the use of gene probes) will greatly increase our understanding of these diseases. Improvement in the substrates available for testing has also led to methods for the rapid diagnosis of certain variant forms of lipidoses not previously diagnosable. With more awareness on the part of physicians and the public of the implications of genetic factors for health there has been a great increase in the number of requests for diagnostic studies on infants or children with developmental delay or regression. The physician or genetic counselor should know where and how to send samples for biochemical testing so that a definitive diagnosis can be made or a testable genetic disease ruled out.


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