Prenatal Diagnosis and Management of Congenital Malformations in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

  • John Philip


Prenatal diagnosis includes any diagnosis made by any diagnostic method of any abnormality in a fetus in utero. Early prenatal diagnosis is defined as prenatal diagnosis made early enough to allow induced abortion for (severe) abnormalities. The definition of early depends upon the local legal situation and therefore varies from one country to another. In some countries termination of pregnancy is not allowed after a certain gestational age, for example, after the end of the second trimester. In other countries permission for late termination depends on the severity of the situation (Daffos et al., 1984b). Hansmann et al. (1985) defines the second trimester as the period from the 14th to the 27th gestational week, and the third trimester would thus comprise the 28–40th weeks. The borderline between second and third trimesters, however, is difficult to define.


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