Human Metaphase Chromosomes

Analysis and Sorting by Flow Cytometry
  • D. K. Green
  • Judith A. Fantes
  • H. J. Evans


Flow cytometry (Melamed et al., 1979) has provided the cytogeneticist with a fast and accurate method for measuring the quantity of DNA in each human chromosome and, more significantly perhaps, a method for purifying chromosomes that have similar amounts of DNA. Analysis rates are usually in excess of 1000 chromosomes/sec, and following the accumulation of fluorescence intensity data from, say 105 chromosomes, which typically takes less than 2 min, it is claimed that chromosome DNA can be estimated to an accuracy of one band, which is 1/600th of the genome (Langlois et al., 1982). Isolating chromosomes in the same group takes somewhat longer. When metaphase chromosomes are passed through a flow cytometer at a rate of 1000/sec, 106 homologous chromosomes from one group will be accumulated over a period of 6 hr.


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  • Judith A. Fantes
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  • H. J. Evans
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