Chorionic Villus Sampling

  • Karin J. Blakemore
  • Maurice J. Mahoney


Since the introduction of prenatal diagnosis by amniocentesis, the most unpleasant aspects of the process according to most women have been the long wait to have the test and the long wait for results. Physicians and couples alike have wished for a technique that could be used in the first weeks of pregnancy. An alternative prenatal diagnostic method that offers an earlier and for many couples a more rapid answer than amniocentesis is currently under intense clinical and laboratory investigation. In the past few years, chorionic villus sampling (CVS), also called chorionic villous biopsy, has evolved as a useful clinical procedure (Fraccaro et al., 1985), although much work remains to be done regarding its accuracy and safety. By learning of an affected fetus in the first trimester, couples are spared many weeks of anxious waiting and their privacy about the pregnancy is assured. The pregnant woman is offered the option of a first trimester termination, which is medically safer than late abortion and much less taxing physically for her. The emotional stresses are not eliminated, but in some respects they are lessened by this option. Looking ahead, the diagnosis of some disorders will surely lend themselves to in utero treatment that may need to begin before the second trimester. CVS would be an essential diagnostic tool for detecting an affected fetus in such cases.


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