Fetal Blood Sampling and Fetoscopy

  • Roberto Romero
  • John C. Hobbins
  • Maurice J. Mahoney


The first endoscopic intrauterine visualization of the fetus was reported by Westin (1954). He inserted a 10-mm McCarthy panendoscope transcervically into the amniotic cavity in three patients undergoing midtrimester terminations of pregnancy and claimed adequate visualization of the fetus. No further reports appeared until 1969, when Scrimgeour proposed the term “fetoscopy,” for the endoscopic visualization of the fetus. Scrimgeour (1973) reported his experience with the use of a 2.2-mm fiberoptic endoscope at the time of hysterectomy in 19 patients also undergoing midtrimester terminations of pregnancy. He was also the first to use this procedure as a tool for antenatal diagnosis, reporting his results with fetoscopy in the antenatal diagnosis of six patients with a positive family history of severe central nervous system abnormalities (Scrimgeour, 1973). He correctly identified four fetuses as normal, was unable to enter the uterine cavity in one case, and considered normal an infant later delivered with spina bifida (Scrimgeour, 1973, 1976).


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